We welcome both beginning singers, and experienced singers/instrumentalists. Some of the songs we sing are easy songs that you probably already know. We also do more challenging songs with improvised harmonies, or written-out harmony in two to four parts. If you’re a beginning singer, there’s always a melody line that you can sing along with. If you’re an intermediate or advanced singer, sometimes we’ll sing through a song more than once to get it right, and sometimes we’ll return to a song over several sessions to add more to it.

We also value our instrumentalists. We play a variety of instruments (guitar, mandolin, autoharp, ukulele, fiddle, etc.), and Harmonic Circle is a good place to try out the chops and licks you’ve worked up at home.

Want to learn more about singing harmony? We like “Essential Kills for Singing Harmony by Ear,” available on this Web page.

Songs in our binder (as of March, 2019):
While some of these songs are also in Rise Up Singing or Rise Again, our versions may be in a different key, have harmony parts, and/or include sheet music.

Across the Great Divide
Aragon Mill (with harmony)
Are You Tired of Me Darling
Ashes on the Sea
Babylon Is Fallen
Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel
Barrett’s Privateers (with harmony)
Black Muddy River
California Country Roads (new words, harmony)
Carry It On
Chocolate Is a Vegetable
Cripple Creek
Crossing the Water
Don’t Think Twice
Drop of Nelson’s Blood
Farewell Shanty
Farther Along (4-part harmony)
Feel So Near
Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
Floods of South Dakota
Give Me the Roses While I Live
Give Yourself to Love
Goodnight Loving Trail (Patrick’s non-standard tune & chords)
Greenland Fisheries
Gulf Coast Highway (w/Willie Nelson harmony part)
Home on the Range (jazz-y chords)
I Am Willing (modulates)
I Can See Clearly Now
I’ll Fly Away (3 part harmony)
I Shall Be Released
I Would Walk 500 Miles
Julian of Norwich (3 part harmony)
The Keeper (Jackie Boy)
Land of the Amazons
Last Watch
Leave Her Johnny
Listening to Singing
Maggie May
Mother and Child Reunion
Ordinary Man
Ripple (canonical lyrics)
The Road is Calling (round)
Row On, Row On
(Down in the) Salley Gardens
Shady Grove (haromny)
Shall We Gather at the River (4 part harmony)
Siyahamba (4 part harmony)
Slightly Blind
South Australia (harmony)
Storms Are on the Ocean
Swimming to the Other Side (Lui Collins harmony part)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Fisk Jubilee Singers 4 part harmony)
Tennessee Waltz
These Are the Days
Unchain My Heart
Uncle John’s Band
Union Maid (w/Pete Seeger sheet music)
Wade in the Water (unconventional chords)
Wagon Wheel
Walking the Dog
The Weight
We’ll Stand the Storm (Fisk Jubilee Singers 4 part harmony)
Won’t You Come for Me
You Can Get It
Your Flag Decal